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Modular Architecture In The Age of Cloud Computing

7 Apr 2020, Online Conference

The 7th edition of I T.A.K.E. Unconference comes with two main innovations: it is an online event, and it has a focus theme.

Why Attend

Level-up your architecture and tech skills on Modular Architecture in the Age of Cloud Computing by attending: live talks & conversations, keynotes, topics on Architecture, Microservices, DevOps, Software Design, Technical & People Leadership

Who is it for

For everyone passionate about Modular Architecture in the Age of Cloud Computing and software excellence. The content is geared to top-notch Software Crafters, Architects, Programmers, DevOps, Business Analysts, Technical Managers, Team Leaders, CEOs, CTOs/Technical Co-Founders, and Technical Consultants.

How is it special

1) New innovative approaches to modular architecture

2) Exposure to top-notch international speakers and professionals from Europe and the USA

3) Practical examples with the latest techniques applied in languages & technologies of your choice

4) Fast-paced, dynamic learning atmosphere

5) Overcoming travel challenges of this Spring