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Modern Architecture For Complex Systems

26-27 May 2021, live online, 9th edition

I T.A.K.E. Unconference is coming back with the 9th edition, with the main theme Modern Architecture for Complex Systems. Two half-days of insights, practical examples, and inspiring Keynote presentations, with top-notch senior architects from Europe and USA.

Why Attend

Level-up your architecture and tech skills on Modern Architecture for Complex Systems by attending: live talks & conversations, keynotes, topics on Architecture for Cloud, DevOps influence on Architecture, Architecting Security in Modern Applications, Serverless and Event Driven Architecture, Performance and Scalability, Microservices, Architecture as Technical Leadership, and Evolving Architectures.

Who is it for

For everyone passionate about Modern Architecture for Complex Systems and software excellence. The content is geared to top-notch Architects, Software Crafters, Programmers, DevOps, Technical Managers, Team Leaders, CEOs, CTOs, Technical Directors, Technical Co-Founders, and Technical Consultants.

How is it special

1) New innovative approaches to modern architecture

2) Exposure to top-notch international speakers and professionals from Europe and the USA

3) Practical examples with the latest techniques applied in complex systems

4) Fast-paced, dynamic learning atmosphere

5) Overcoming travel challenges of this period