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Serverless Architectures

Back in the days you would deploy your application (PHP, Java, Python etc.) directly to the (physical or virtual) server. Most likely you still do it today for your new or legacy applications. But the world is moving on. Developers do not want to focus on infrastructure details. What was that server IP again? Why is the latest patch is not installed? Why system is broken after installing the latest patch? Why security setup is so complex? Do we really need to pay for unused compute capacity all the time?
Cloud providers give us platforms that hide, simplify and fully automate many of the application deployment, security and scaling aspects. That’s a whole new world. But is it really becoming easier or cheaper? Can our existing application be deployed without changes on those platforms?  Let’s discuss that.
April 8 @ 07:45
07:45 — 08:45 (1h)

Room A

Andrey Adamovich