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Clare Sudbery

Lead Engineer @ Made Tech

Clare Sudbery is a lead consultant engineer with Made Tech. She is a maths graduate with 21 years of software engineering experience, and a particular interest in teaching and mentoring; encouraging more women into IT; and banishing impostor syndrome.

She helps to run an academy training programme for Made Tech, where she places a lot of emphasis on engineers learning Clean Architecture and SOLID principles, strong collaboration skills, and XP practices such as Test Driven Development and pair programming.

Clare hosts the Making Tech Better podcast (https://tinyurl.com/MTBetter). She is also a published writer and ex-high school maths teacher. She has presented workshops and talks at national and international events and conferences, and has exceptional communication skills. She has always been involved in the complete software development lifecycle, and has worked with a wide range of languages and frameworks. Among her previous roles, she was a lead consultant developer at ThoughtWorks.

Right now, Clare is on a mission to awaken the inner geek in clever women (and men) everywhere. She presents the Making Tech Better podcast, which launched in April 2021. She blogs occasionally at https://medium.com/a-woman-in-technology and https://insimpleterms.blog/. She loves her job.