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Coralia Popa

Software Architect, Technical Lead

Cora is a software architect, part of an international team of software architects and a recognized informal leader.

With a vast experience in software development accumulated in more than 20 years of engineering various software products in Waters built mostly on .Net technologies, Cora became the responsible architect for one of the most important software module, an on-prem platform evolved from an old monolith.

Using her own growing path, going through various roles, from developer to technical lead, technical architect, solutions architect she continuously learned and experimented, fueled by passion for software and enthusiasm for sharing it with others. She relates very well with the engineering teams, understanding their challenges and needs, and shares her enthusiasm and passion through peering and brainstorming, teaching concepts and principles and coaching them through discovering their ways in implementation while adapting to predefined architectural directions.

Beyond her corporate responsibilities, Cora is a devoted mother passionate about education and actively involved in various STEAM projects for youngsters.